Once described by a new age practitioner as having an old soul, I remain skeptical, but have learned to accept that the universe is a big place. Growing up, I always wanted to write novels. My dream of creating fantastical stories as a full time career stayed with me after my first handwritten fantasy romance novella in middle school. 

Luckily, I’ve made that dream come alive. I love to explore the duality of dark and light in my characters’ lives. Only when they push beyond the scars on their souls to accept themselves (helped along, of course, by their lovers) can I feel content I’ve written a great story.

Living in a small New England town, I love to rebel against a staid Yankee lifestyle through the pages of my manuscripts. I adore pushing the boundaries of sensuality and taboo in my work, but mostly because, in the end, I know that the connections I forge between the hearts and souls of my characters will lead them to happiness.